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Reviews of Ellscott Park, Chichester

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Review by A Camper on 4th July, 2011

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I must say that I was very disappointed in this campsite and the rude and offensive owner made our stay very unpleasant. We would have left after the first night but we had paid in advance and being a bank holiday there were no other places to stay. As tent campers, we were made to feel like second class citizens and stay in the 'dog walking/ play field'. Literally this meant the dog fouling field, where owners of dogs were encouraged to let their dogs foul and then shovel the proceeds into the hedge surrounding the field. Not very hygenic I must say for the children. Also, this field was advertised as a kite flying field. I would strongly discourage this activity since the field had overhead power lines running through it and a huge ugly pylon near the camping area. The facilities were very basic - the showers were little more than a dribble and though the floor was mopped regularly in the toilets it was mopped with the same dirty water each time. I have stayed in many caravan/campsites and I have to say that this was my worst ever camping experience. The staff were very rude and we felt that we were being constantly watched over in case we broke one of the many campsite rules, which were vigorously enforced. We simply could not relax. I would visit this site at your peril. Be aware that there are a great many more affordable - and pleasant places to stay.

Date visited: June 2011

Review by Visitor on 21st June, 2011

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I visited this site while away with family. I had read about it on the AA camping website and it seemed a really nice place, so with the intention of staying at a later date went to have a look. We arrived 6 adults and two extremely well behaved boxer dogs on leads, to find the reception was closed. We carried on walking through to have a look at the site. First impressions were that the site was spotless and miraculously kept. There was a man cutting the grass on his ride on lawn mower and as we carried on walking one of the dogs cocked his leg! As dogs do!!! The man came over screaming and shouting about the dog cocking his leg on his mint!!!! What a stupid place to put it!!! We found out that this was the owner. So the outcome was that I would never give my hard earned money to someone that treats it like an army camp. I would rather stay in a place with no facilities than be looked down the nose by someone.

Date visited: 14/6/11

Review by Gary on 7th July, 2010

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Reading the reviews on this site leads me to conclude that there are in fact 2 sets of owners. They are reported to be either very friendly or unfriendly with no in-betweens. We clearly met the wrong ones. When we arrived the lady owner asked us to drive on towards the field and wait for her husband, which we did - for 15 minutes. We had to go and look for him in the end, and having to show us to the pitches was evidently an inconvenience. We actually chose the campsite because of it's rules, but unfortunately we were still kept awake half the night by some very unsavory goings on and noise in adjacent tents until early the next morning. To be fair, this was the Goodwood weekend, and the campsite is probably much quieter most times, and the main field looked quite pleasant with well kept grounds. But later we received only reluctant assistance to our questions about local pubs, no leaflets or local information being offered, only a noticeboard that we found was any help. Incidentally, we understand that the closest pub to the campsite has apparently now closed so don't expect to be able to walk to a pub/restaurant unless you're Ben Fogle. We packed up the next day and went home a day early. We camp quite often and have never felt more unwelcome than we did here.

Date visited: 3rd July 2010

Review by Samuel on 7th July, 2009

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Site was mostly clean apart from the dog muck left in fields and smelly bathrooms. Owners were very unwelcoming, unfriendly and miserable. There were too many rules to stick by. Obsessive over the amount of water you use and the grass. Owners had dogs which were noisy. Strict curfews of 11pm and no entrance after this time. Plain fields with just a goal post and basketball hoop. Owners had a tennis court but refused use of it. Boring for all. Complete darkness at night and so unsafe to go to the bathrooms alone if needed. The rules and regulations at this site were too extreme and therefore made it impossible to relax!!! Overall I would NOT recommend it to others and would definitely NOT return again!!!

Date visited: Summer 2008

Review by martin slade on 15th January, 2009

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my three brothers and i have stayed at this site in july,for the last threeyears,for the goodwood weekend. the site is very clean,well managed and mike and angela have always been very helpful. see you in 2009

Date visited: 07-08

Review by Blenky on 8th September, 2008

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Although the site is very clean and tidy, we did have some problems with the owners. I have no problem with the gate being locked at 11pm, as long as access/egress is possible in an emergency. however, when we arrived back from dinner at 9.20pm, the gate was locked, everything in darkness, and our bell and phone ringing ignored. Luckily, a resident caravanner was able to eventually let us in. The owners were very sarcastic in the morning and we were told we should have rung the bell! We will not be returning. Although I have no problem with rules and regulations, this site takes it too far, and it is very hard to relax.They are also obsessive about their grass, although obviously not so worried about all the dog mess in the camping field! What a shame.

Date visited: 06/09/08

Review by Andrew Lenton on 26th June, 2006

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Hi, my wife and I visited Ellscott Park in the late May bank holiday, we found the site very clean, and the owner Michael very helpful and informative, he even phone before we set off, saying the pitch was water logged, and we could cancel, if we were not prepared to leave our car in the car park, some 200 yards form our caravan. We decided to go anyway. On arrival we were guided to our pitch, and Michael even offered to tow our caravan using his tractor, but was unnecessary, as my car could easily pull without spinning the wheels. We kept the car by the caravan, as we did not go out to the evening. The 23:00 rule is common on many sites, and fully understood, I gave it no thought, as we like to be back in the evenings, to cook a meal, in fact this is often the best part of the day. Our parentsí joined us the next day, for a barbeque with our teenage daughter and the dog (Doris). I informed the owner of our intentions, and he greeted then and showed them where to park! We decided to come back the following weekend, and in doing so, as we booked, he suggested why not leave the van, save you driving home with it, so we did. All in which made out second stay more pleasant. I fully recommend this site for the family, and the wash rooms were cleaned on a need basis, and I always found them clean. Regards Andrew + Sue Lenton

Date visited: May and July 2006

Review by bryan mead on 2nd April, 2006

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how some people can complain about some simple do and donts ,which are only commom sence after all the rules are minimal,and are there for every bodys enjoyment,not for any tom dick or harry too upset the harmony of other people,i have seen the owner speak to people in a very pleasent but streight way,how anybody can get upset by speaking the truth is beyond aprehension,perhaps the last review author,should take his caravan, tent, etc, to a site that caters for foolish realy upsets me to find reviews of bad content from a person who cannot,or will not abide by a few simple rules.i am going back to this site over easter,and very much looking forward to it,and will return time and time again

Date visited: every other weekend in season

Review by bryan mead on 2nd April, 2006

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just a brief review about ellscott park,a very friendly owner and wife,who will bend over backwards to try and help any person with any difficulties,ihave been there when the owner has to chasties people who flunk a very few simple rules,and they have been told to obey by them as they are not the only people on site,as for the gate being locked at eleven o my mind i find that it is being concern for other site users who might be woken or disturbed by revelers,who dont know how to behave when coming back late at night,keep up the good work,and all the very best for the coming season.

Date visited: very often

Review by R Atkins on 9th September, 2005

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This is a charming and well set out little site, ideal for children and peace and quite. I see that some reviews on this site are not good but I have now visited Ellscott on a good few occasions and found it to be a well run and pleasant site to visit. Some of your reviews mention entrance after 23:00 and the checks that are put in place after 10:30 this I would call good, giving greater security and peace of mind to park campers. I have visited parks where people are shouting and driving vehicles around well beyond this time and it is not pleasant, I say keep up the good work.

Date visited: Regular

Review by Andy Sayers on 7th August, 2005

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Once we arrived at Ellscott Park we were greeted by the grumpy owner who gave us the normal site do's and the dont's. Once we had started to erect our trailer tent the dog barked on 3 occasions. The owner came running over and said either we shut the dog up, we pack up and leave the site immediatly or we put the dog in the kennels down the road. On 3 seperate occasions the owner thought it was a good idea to reduce 3 other guests all of middle age to tears. If you came back you had to be back by 11pm whether in a car or walking as the site was locked shut and under no circumstances would he open the gates. If you got back at 10:30pm you and your car would be interegated incase you were not from the site although he had clearly placed a sticker on the windscreen of the car. We thought this little man liked to have some power. To sum up this site has got nice facilities i.e. new toilet and shower block and a nice football field and basketball hoop for the children. All this though, is spoilt by a very unfriendly owner who likes nothing more than to ruin peoples breaks. Perhaps he should remember where he would be without his guests because my family and I will never ever return to this site to be verbally abused again. From Andy Sayers Age 30 Wife and 3 Children 13,8,10

Date visited: 05/08/05

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