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Reviews of Shearbarn Holiday Park, Hastings

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Review by ARCH on 13th May, 2014

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fantastic accommodation in one of the country lodges. above expectations at a really good price. well furnished and very suited to live in for 2 weeks or longer like a home from home. lovely clean peaceful grounds. staff are polite and efficient. local to all facilities and not far from the sea front. am revisiting in a few weeks, booked the same lodge I was so happy.

Date visited: 11/11/2014

Review by Jane on 27th May, 2013

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Just come back from an over night stay at Hastings touring park/Shearbarn and must say that it was a wonderful picturesque place, fab pitches and extremely clean toilet/shower block. The new wardens made us feel very welcome. Would I go back...yes.

Date visited: 26th May 2013

Review by david on 3rd September, 2011

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The location was picturesk, but shower block had hardly any water pressure or heating so had to hike 15 mins to other shower block, some security very rude. Security guard ripped the zip off our tent and staff did not repair it though one man had a go, the park manager was rude about our tent being destroyed.and offered no compensation and it was a brand new luxery tent. The family pub was upstairs and over crowded and when you go out to smoke you freeze. we could not take our dog into bar. Nothing on site really for children or adults and wi fi disgustingly high in price.Hardly any disabled facilities, half the site has no security cameras and not much lighting. The shop barely sells anything you need whilst camping.

Date visited: 220811

Review by amanda on 3rd September, 2011

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just got back from shearbarn,i dont understand all these negative comments ,i took my children and they loved it,they get to meet new freinds and learn a diffrent language,the staff were top notch,and security always seen day and through the night. lovely scenery and very peaceful ,we will most defintly go back. keep up the good work and thanks to all for making our stay so toilets were allways clean and tidy.

Date visited: july-august

Review by Alan Turner on 12th September, 2010

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what can i say had an amazing time. Booked in on friday to a very pleasant and a profeesional male on the reception then went up to campsite with great directions and was showed on to my pitch a great time spent and think people who are complaining need to open there eyes!!!!!!

Date visited: 27 August

Review by hogan on 2nd September, 2010

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top class site .rained for 8 days. sun for two days. we have not laught so much for a long time. you must vist so clean. the shop staff spot on the reception staff spot. on the gent that showed where to park up 10/10 glasses rain he drop the legs on the caravan.made sure we new where to get freash water to make a cupper for a northener.that was spot on the last word is for the cleaners the hygine on this site was 10/10 it is so nice when going for your wash for someone to say morning well done to team sherbarn to lads that look after you at night again 10/10 very realey seen. may i say mr mrs hogan will be back.sun next time please.

Date visited: 21 aug to31aug

Review by Jerry Findworth on 30th August, 2010

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All I must say is if you are expecting to get something which you payed your 20 per night tent fee. Think again. Shockingly basic for the money, I have stayed in better for 5 per night! No one is available to help with enquires too busy apparently. And the shower blocks are almost a joke as none of the cubicles have locks and the things that are written on them from 1993 are a worry if my children payed attention to it...Disgusting! Please re-think this site as your next destination for camping it is a shocker!

Date visited: 28/08/2010

Review by elaine on 30th August, 2010

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dont belive all the negative reviews about this campsite we have just come home from there and found it really quite pretty clean and tidy good pitch sizes as well shower blocks were clean as well as the toilets no rubbish laying around also the staff were really freindly.went up to the bar which was also clean and tidy but i will say it was about 4 pm and we didnt stay for the entertainment so couldnt say how busy it got later on as for the price of the food we had a look at the menu and found it to be reasnable as we went down into hastings there wasnt that much diffrence in the prices for food we had a really pleasant time there and would definatley recomend this park and would go back.

Date visited: 28.8.10 to 30.8.10

Review by Andrew Davis on 30th August, 2010

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We visited Shearbarn on the August bank holiday weekend and I was a bit apprehensive after reading some of the reviews, although my parents used to go years ago when it was under different ownership and enjoyed their regular stays. 4 of us went in all - two couples in our 30s. My sat nav also ended up taking us to a housing estate (If this happens, go back the way you came, turn left and take the second on the left into Saxon Road). We checked in at Shearbarn itself. The staff were efficient and polite. They directed us up to their tent area - the Hastings Touring Park. Although busy, there was plenty of room; the grass was short and the area looked tidy. The toilet block & showers were clean all weekend. Water pressure was quite low but not to warrant complaining. Shearbarn itself contains 50k log cabins and their owners enjoy gym, indoor pool and a smart club house called The Glen. Campers up in the touring park do not have access to the pool or gym but this was made clear when booking. We ate and enjoyed evening drinks at The Glen. The atmosphere was friendly, the staff were very good, as was the food and they provided a band for evening entertainment. Location-wise, the campsite was approx a 15-20 minute walk to Hastings Old Town - all down hill. The Old Town is ideal for fishing, shopping with its Olde Shops, tea shops and a good selection of cafes, pubs, fish & chip shops and rides etc further down. Good walks and the tram up the cliff face add to the choice of things to do. We enjoyed drinks at a friendly pub & a meal at a nice Italian along the front and decided to catch a taxi back at the end of the night which for 5 was no problem considering we would otherwise have had an up hill walk! With regards to noise, we had no major issues. In fact security went round around at 10.45pm to politely remind those sitting out chatting of the 11pm-7am quiet time and they used their common sense in allowing this for however long was needed as long as no one was being disturbed. There were no roudy groups and I feel that if there were any noise issues, security would have dealt with it. Children could be heard around from around 7.30am which I consider reasonable! The only negative that springs to mind is that the small shop was badly stocked and we had to drive to the local B&Q & shops for gas and papers etc. All in all though we had a very enjoyable weekend and I would certainly return.

Date visited: August 2010

Review by mrs a on 27th July, 2010

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i have been going to shearbarn all my life, indeed both sides of my parents families holidayed their too, with my grandparents even being on the brochure for many years. my husband and i were there at the "beginning of the end" the day of the tragic fire that intiated the sale of the park by the wonderful family that had given us all a great holiday destination. the first time i went when the new owners had taken over i happened to have rented a caravan (although i prefer tents) no games room or cafe were open i had two young boys with me who had no entertainment.only the bar!and the shop was intermittent. i was so upset after two days i complained and was taken into the managers office he showed me a wonderful plan on the wall of how they were going to be IMPROVING the site,inc the pool but also inc wooden lodges being erected all over the tent field i was horrified and made my opinion known he assured me they would still take tents on the sloping ground to the left in the caravan field this did not help my feelings about the group! i demanded a refund of which i got a portion of the huge amount i had paid and we took the children to winchelsea. four years later we had a grandson we wanted him to experience the walks that his mum had been on as a child. so we went back, what a disaster the grass was so long it had folded over on its self and was stinking!the shop was hardly ever open they had built the pool and done away with the cosy bar, they had done away with the games room and chilled out cafe! they replaced it with a modern clinical middle class complex aimed at their lodge customer! it rained heavily during our stay so with no cafe or games room we resigned our selves to going to this soleless bar we got ready in the cold , dirty shower block and drove to the club only to be told when we arrived that it was closed! the gypsy's had been in the night before and trashed the place and "didn't we get the notice" obviuosly not as we were only tent people and un-important.the next morning i had, had enough we packed up while doing so a lady from the site came round with tickets for a bird show which would be held round by the pool but you could not get past the gate without this ticket toady i didn't dare even open my mouth for fear of what might come out! we took the kids to newbeach and had a great! time. two years on still hopeful MY husband and i decided to do a test run as we have another grandson now and would still like a family holiday in those surroundings, WHAT A MISTAKE although this time the grass was mowed it was not mowed into the tree line or even very short around the outside edge of the field so even though the sun was out i needed to where my boots in the morning to walk through the dewy field. the showers are a joke in this day and age to have to hold a push tap in whilst you try to shampoo your hair is beyond riddiculous my husbands shower just trickled down the wall meaning he had to splash the water over himself with his hand to rinse the shampoo off.there was a notice saying pressure was low and that you could use the shower block in the caravan field.i checked for other reviews before writing this and found that the water was trickling in 2008!does it really take two years to sort this out. we needed milk on our first morning for a cup of tea so my husband went to shop at 8am he returned saying it wasn't open yet so we were in the town by 8.15 just for a cuppa. the food we bought from the club house sounded something special i think my husband paid 7 FOR A BURGER AND CHIPS meant to have a wonderful tomatoe sauce on it but he never found it!later in our day the sun was scorching and we wanted an icecream so again my husband walked to the shop only to be told that there actually is no shop anymore!!!!! when are this group who i believe are a dutch company going to stop taking our money for nothing! were they? refused planning for the lodges on the tent field or are they still arguing it. is that? why no investment is going into the shower blocks or toilet facilities or why there is no longer a shop. if they do not want people that use tents as a way of taking children on holidays with no TV DVD PLAYSTATIONS, then why keep taking our money and making empty promises to improve. its a tragedy for such a wonderfully positioned site.

Date visited: july2010

Review by Unsatisfied Customer on 27th September, 2009

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Where to start. Bar is never open apparentley one night you had to wear a suit to get into teh bar just because there was a casino night, who the fuck wears or even thinks about taking one to a fucking gypsi campsite. The shop is never open with toothless simple retches serving beind the counter. We were told that we cannot use the pool as it is private. Its a fucking muddy field in Sussex not the ritz. Why people do this for a holiday i dont know. Only one toilet blocks were open out of 4, personally its the only one open, ever. Such bad customer service, they probably wouldnt even be able to spell it. Its just a rich pikey camp site trying to be Butlins. Loads of pikeys running round, parentings didnt care, just sitting there feeding their freak of nature animals buckets of turkey twizlers.

Date visited: 25th September 2009

Review by kurt harper on 30th July, 2009

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just back from shearbarn, and very pleasently suprised after reading bad reviews prior to staying there. my experience has been fantasic. myself, my wife and our 3 children camped there just for one night as we never camped before but certainly will in the future. shearbarn was a very friendly, safe camp. security guard seen on many occasions.the campsite is very very clean, exceeded our expectations. it is very quiet although shop and play area for the younger ones and pub and resturant there also. fabulous scenery, breathtaking.

Date visited: 29/07/09

Review by mrs willow on 22nd December, 2008

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I was pleasentely surprised when I visited my parents who were camping on the touring feild, for the weekend. The feild was clean, the toilets were spotless, and the best of all the security staff were so helpfull. we were completly lost, and the polite securtiy guard coudnt do enouth for us. Keep up the good work we are all staying next year Mrs Willow

Date visited: 12th September 2008

Review by jason short on 13th November, 2008

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over priced to start with. toilets blocked,never any toilet roll,or soap. showers always cold. shop never open. drinks well over priced. 3 swings for the kids to share between 2 fields which are falling apart. no customer service. breakfast on when they fill like it and then you never get what you have ordered and its over priced. the list goes on. if you want to spend loads of money for nothing then this is the place for you!even then just put in the bin outside and ran!!

Date visited: 15 aug 2008

Review by Sarah Arnold on 30th September, 2008

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Should you be thinking of buying a "lodge"(or timber clad caravan)at Shearbarn Holiday in Hastings DON'T!!!Anyone taken in by all the promises they make (verbally, never in writing)will be in for a shock and an expensive one at that.Caravans and thier owners are at best tolerated and they will get rid of you at the drop of a hat .We paid a highly inflated price for a second hand caravan in 2004.It was in good condition but filthy ,the then manager promised to have it thoroughly cleaned.What a joke!Three weekends we arrived at Shearbarn to stay in our new holiday home but it was still filthy so we had to go back home again.Having cleaned it ourselves we were given two cylinders of gas as "compensation"After one year we were moved from the pitch we had choosen when we bought the van with very little notice and not three months as in our contract.We then had several occasions when the toilet overfilled due to incompetance of the "so -called" maintenance manager and we had to go home.In late September 2007

Date visited: July2004-------Sept2007

Review by mandy on 11th September, 2008

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well just got back from shearbarn , myslef my husband and 7 childrean had a lovel time theire all the starff theire lovely and always so helpful, and we will defenitly be going back next year, keep up the great work , cant wait to go back, mrs healy

Date visited: 3rd jne till 6t september 08

Review by Kevin & Garry on 28th August, 2008

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ISSUES TO SORT OUT... showers didnt work toilets didnt flush no toilet paper grass was long no activities for youn kids water was cold to expencive staff were not ver polite. the breakfast was just to much Who evers reading this try it if you like but you better have deep pockets... unless you sort out the problems mentioned above you will not have many returning customers.

Date visited: 22.08.08

Review by Kevin & Garry on 27th August, 2008

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My uncle and i went to shearbarn camp site looking foward to a lovely summer weekend but when we finally arrived there, every thing just started going down hill... Once we settled in a couple of people then came and set up near are tent, and they were playing music all through the night literaly it was from about 6 O'clock to midnight, and we was surprised because when we read the shearbarn rules sheet we had been given from reception it had said that there was a quiet hour. And after numerous complaints the music still had not stopped, in fact it was getting louder. That night we had a very non-peaceful sleep and in the morning we rushed to the shower room to have a nice hot shower and then we were even more shocked there was no hot water, I hate to say this because i have been coming to shearbarn for quite a few years now and from now unless you sort out these issues i will not be returning... Feel free to reply to this message...

Date visited: 23 aug 2008

Review by Jan Boyle on 25th August, 2008

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We have just come back from an August Bank Holiday weekend break at Shearbarn. We have not been camping there for many years and heard that it had been refurbished so thought we'd give it a try, what a mistake! It seems that they are only really interested in the people that have spent money buying the lodges that have been built on the park. We were not allowed to use the swimming pool facilities or the gym. Some of my family went for their breakfast in the bar/restaurant and was charged an extortionate amount for little food. The new owners have spent lots of money building the swimming pool and reducing the size of the 'club' but they have not spent any money on updating the toilet and shower blocks on the touring fields. On Sunday night I went to the toilet only to be told by another lady that there was no water, by the time we awoke on Monday morning there was no water anywhere on the touring field, thank God we were going home so at leasst I could have a nice hot bath. The water came on just before we left on Monday morning but unfortunately there was now so much toilet paper blocking the toilets none of it would flush away! It was an experience we will not be repeating in a hurry.

Date visited: 22/8/08

Review by Steph Parker on 28th July, 2008

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Firstly the campsite was expensive - for a tent pitch without electricity, it was 18!! It is peak season, as the receptionist rather sarcastically told me, however what exactly was 18 paying for?? The shower blocks did not work, the water trickled down the side of the wall and it was impossible to wash your hair etc - goddness knows how people managed with their kids! The toilets didn't have any soap in them either - and half the water faucets weren't working. The bins were overflowing and the shop which advertised open late, was rarely open! If the campsite sorted out these issues, they may get returning customers!!!

Date visited: 26th July 2008

Review by Maria Cox on 26th May, 2008

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ALthough the walks and views surrounding the site are fantastic, the site is so bad it was depressing. There are 2 shower facilities. The newer one not being too bad. The older one is worse than the horrible outdoor toilet blocks in primary school. Although they were cleaned, he standards of the clientelle it clearly attracts were not.. I felt dirtier having showered than i did before going in. The rubbish outside the toilet block was overflowing the 2 (and only 2 on site!!) bins, emptied once to our knowledge. The site was full to bursting, being a bank holiday we guessed, but also the owners clearly wanting to get rich quick had crammed the touring field to the rafters, definately illegal, with seemingly no order to where tents were allowed to go amongst the vans.Although the tent field itself was quite empty. Unfortunately for us, we were submitted to dolcit tones of a stressed out vocal Mother (?) with 'several'!! non compliant children, forgetting that tents are made from material and not brick. But it appeared to be the norm to speak in such a way to your and your neighbours neighbours. The clubhouse looks great, though we didnt want to visit.. and unfortunately 'tourers' are not allowed to use the swimming pool (owners of wooden static cabins only).. To sum it up.. Dont go there.

Date visited: 23rd May 2008

Review by Martin Reynolds on 26th May, 2008

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We haven't been to this campsite for a few years as they have only just started to allow tents again. My how the camp has changed! Gone is the superb eldy worldy clubhouse with its superb atmosphere... its been reduced to about half the size and is in my opinion rather modern and clinical without any character.the amusement section has been removed so there is little for the children to do.the entertainment left alot to be desired...I think they got their acts from THE GEEK AGENCY!!-absolutely awful. The charming downstairs bar has been replaced with a swimming pool that nobody but owners are allowed to no joy there. Moving onto the tent field, the grass had been left long and cut at the last minute the long thick clippings left for us campers to tread into our tents and vehicles..and the wind helped it to blow onto cooking etc...absolutely disgusting. The showers were scalding and at best trickled out. The camp shop was poorly stocked if you were lucky enough to ever find it open. The only good thing I can say that the staff were friendly especially Michelle behind the bar who does an excellent job. All in all It really is a shame cos the location is brilliant...the new owners need to get their fingers out before they lose their remaining customers.

Date visited: 23rd May 2008

Review by John Standing on 23rd April, 2008

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Date visited: 15/4/08

Review by mrs mary harrison on 17th April, 2008

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my family ans i spent a lovely easter break at shearbarn. the toilets were clean and tidy the pitches good and the price was competive to other sites in the area none of which are anywhere nr the sea or the beautiful country park that shearbarn can boast the staff were great we went to hastings town which is 5 minutes away for amusements if thats what you want we are definately going back and staying longer next time.

Date visited: easter 2008

Review by Carly on 12th January, 2008

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I cant believe all these bad reviews me and my partner have been going to Shearbarn holiday park a few years running. We have never had any of the problems that have been mentioned. We just packed up our stuff inc a tent, on our arrival at reception we were given a pitch. Toilet and shower blocks were clean, tidy and with heated floors what more could you ask for? it's not the ritz so wot do u expect? caviar? waited on hand and foot? Get a life. it's somewhere to go to rid of all the hussle and bussle of working life, somewhere to lay your head at night, have a relaxing swim in the morning, a lovely contry walk hand in hand with your loved one. Food was lovely tiny bit expensive i agree, but nothing to cry about, not the camps fault either moan to the govenment! Park is close to the town with sealife center, and lots of things to do. Loved every visit so far and will DEFINITLY go again.

Date visited: 2004,2005,2006.

Review by ian on 10th January, 2008

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Well like many people on here i also grew up at shearbarn, now re-named happy hill retirement home. ever since the Pattons sold the site, the camping has gone down hill dirty toilets, nobody in the club house,ect,ect. what these new onwers are missing is that people who buy mobile caravans and such. start off camping,then to caravans, and then you joint no longer bend, they then buy a static van. so can some body please e-mail me and tell me the address of a good site. my address ian Many thanks Ian

Date visited: 01-0807

Review by Andrew on 5th January, 2008

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Firstly let me say that i was almost raised on Shearbarn. My family had a van there and many a fantasic summer holiday was spent on the site with lots of other families and children, even without the pool in those days. Everybody knew everyone and the whole atmosphere was very neighbourly. We went there most weekends and every Saturday night the WHOLE site would be in the clubhouse having fun, the place was packed solid with kids everywhere, enjoying the disco and the live perfomers. After quite a few years my parents decided to sell the van and we were heartbroken. Can you then imagine my excitement when they said they were buying again on Shearbarn a few years ago ? HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED !!! I had hoped to spend many a fun filled weekend with my own children showing them what i got upto when i was their age. I was so dissapointed ! The site has really deteriated and my parents are now looking to move. TOO many of these lodges ( wood clad caravans ) now occupy the site and 90% of the time the place is empty. There is no more children playing and the site seems to want to cater only for OLD people NOT famalies. The clubhouse has been reduced in size which in a way is good because even though it is now half the size it still looks empty. Th games room / mini arcade has gone and been replaced by a pathetic attempt of a gym which is always empty. You go away to enjoy yourself not to workout. The camp site is empty now they have banned tents ?? WHY ?? To sum it up i would avoid this place like the plague and go to CROWHURST in nearby BATTLE instead. This site shows you how it should be done. Perhaps the management at Shearbarn should stay there for a week.

Date visited: Year round

Review by sharon lambert on 16th July, 2007

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My parents own a caravan at the site and I can honestly say hand on heart I LOVE THE PLACE!!!!. friendly staff and since the new manager started the place has changed. Our whole family holiday for two weeks each year and wouldnt go any where else. All I can say is keep up the good work

Date visited: monthly

Review by mrs pelton on 19th June, 2007

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have been to shearbarn in the past, several years ago befor they had a swimming pool. it used to be a great little campsite, friendly and helpfull staff and a great club house. i read a review about a swimming pool being there and, although i read that you had to pay i thought that it would make a nice little holiday for the kids. well we checked in and then was told that people staying on the touring field were not allowed to use the swimming pool or the gym as it was against HEALTH & SAFETY rules! I have done first aid and cant think of any reason why this is true. maybe us campers all have some incurable ailment! never have i been made to feel like an outsider as much as this!!

Date visited: 16.06.2007

Review by jackie and alan hayes on 24th April, 2007

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The nightmare began when we were dircted to our touring caravan pitch that we were told was fully serviced,It was like a ploughed field and electric only,We complained and were offered another pitch on which we knew had been allocated to our friends,This didn't matter to the staff,We were charge 27 per night we were told it was expensive as we were paying for the entertainment & swimming pool, "wrong" you pay extra for the pool and anyone can walk off the street & into the club house without paying,Toilets-only two blocks open they were filthy,Chemical waste point was disgusting.Security barrier This is locked at 2am and does not reopen until 9am so you cannot get yor car out.This is only part of our complaints we will not be returning.

Date visited: 6 to 9 april 2007

Review by Paul McKinley on 8th April, 2007

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I've literally just got back from two nights camping at Shearbarn. I am sad to say I will NEVER go there again. Sad because I have been going there for well over ten years, and the decline in standards there has now reached the point where I have to say enough is enough. I paid 34 for two nights in my two man tent. For that I got to put my tent in a field and nothing more... the toilet / shower block was locked and I was expected to walk about a quarter of a mile to share the facilities in the caravan field!!! On not one but BOTH nights, a group of yobs were easily able to gain access to the site, set up a tent, start a huge fire, play loud music from their car, shout, swear, drink , until about three in the morning, when two of the four went and slept in their car just outside the site and the other two went to the tent and eventually to sleep!! Needless to say they had not paid their 17! This went on for TWO nights despite being told that there was a barrier entry system and guard until 2am 'for your security' !! This place is dangerous and very intimidating. Don't go there!

Date visited: 7th to 8th April 2007

Review by yasmin sandle on 13th December, 2005

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i think that hastings is a great place i have benn going since i was a baby and i still go it is like a family holiday i really enjoy it i like the beach but the peir scares me a lot yasmin age 14

Date visited: every month nearly

Review by Julie Yeo on 10th August, 2005

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We considered this site to be very expensive. The facilities on offer were a shop, bar, play-park, small softplay area. There is a new indoor swimming pool but you have to pay extra to use it, which we thought was bad considering the amount you pay to stay there in the first place - plus the park lists this as a facility without mentioning the extra costs! The food in the bar was really bad and also expensive. The good part was the clean toilets and the location of the site, being so close to Hastings centre and the country park. The reception staff kept getting our booking wrong too, and when we arrived they had no pitch for us. Hey, try it if you like, but be prepared and have big pockets!

Date visited: 01-08-05

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